Foreground is an activity tracking programme for your Windows personal computer.

Track time spent in applications and websites automatically to better understand your productivity.

Foreground is focused on privacy. Your tracking data is stored in a local database on your computer and never sent, synced, transmitted, or shared with anyone else. Nobody but you can see it, and no third-parties can analyse it or profit from it.

Let's take a look at it.

Today tab
Reports tab
Logs tab

Now here are some other features of Foreground.

Scores and categories

Rank apps and sites from “core productivity” (most productive) through to “focused entertainment” (most distracting), and categorise the type of activity.

Daily and long-term reports

See today's time grouped by productivity rating across each hour. Get insight into your activity over the longer term with tables and graphs covering productivity, category, and top apps and sites.

Comprehensive browser add-ons

Track your active tab in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave, and other Chromium-based browsers.

Exist integration

Send your daily total productive time, distracting time, neutral time, and time spent gaming to Exist.

Modern design, low overhead

Foreground builds on Tauri, an Electron alternative with much smaller CPU and memory overhead. Foreground uses about 1-2% CPU and 40MB RAM while in the background.

It's your data

Everything is stored in a local SQLite database file. Back it up, copy it, access records directly with database tools.

Foreground is developed by Hello Code, the makers of Exist, an app for tracking and understanding everything about your life. We have a decade of experience in tracking personal data, and created Foreground out of a desire for a privacy-respecting option for Windows personal computers.

Thank you for your interest in our application. Foreground is currently in closed beta for Exist users. If you have an Exist account, check the user forums for more details.

Waiting list

If you would like to be notified when Foreground is publicly available, you may join our waiting list. We will only email you about Foreground releases.

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